Buck Mountain

Buck Mountain offers one of the most beautiful views available of Lake George. You can look north toward the Tongue Mountain Range, west across the lake toward The Sagamore, and south toward Lake George Village. A moderately difficult hike, this mountain offers multiple approaches to the summit, as part of the Lake George Wild Forest trail system.

The most popular trail starts from Pilot Knob and runs approximately 3.2 miles to the summit. You'll start on an old road and gradually ascend until you reach an intersection with the foot path. Then, you'll climb more intensely as you near the top. Shorter before reaching the summit, an open rocky area offers an incredible view looking south down the lake. A short jaunt through the woods later, you're at the top, where you can see all directions up and down the lake, as well as off toward the east to New England peaks.

Another shorter, more direct trail exists off of Shelving Rock Road, ascending 2.3 feet and rapidly gaining elevation the whole way. Finally, you can also climb Buck Mountain via a connector trail from the Inman Pond trailhead off Sly Pond Road.

Note that Buck Mountain offers a more difficult ascent than nearby peaks like Shelving Rock or Sleeping Beauty. We'd recommend this hike only for those who've spent some time climbing moderate mountain hikes and for older children.

Photos from Buck Mountain Trail

First view of Lake George on the way up
Lake George
Looking west across the lake
Flowers on the summit
Looking toward the Tongue Mountain Range

Map of Pilot Knob Trailhead to Buck Mountain

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