Severance Hill

While trail guides seem to vary in opinion as to whether this is a "hill" or a "mountain," there's no denying that this is hike provides an enjoyable short jaunt through classic Adirondack woods to a beautiful view over Schroon Lake. While it was a foggy morning on the day I hiked it, the fog lifting over the lake was an enjoyable scene in its own right.

Starting from a parking area just outside the "downtown" area of Schroon Lake, you'll begin the trek by walking through a set of tunnels that go under both lanes of the Northway. Kids (and kids-at-heart) may enjoy experimenting with "echoes" during the journey through these tunnels. Once past the Northway, watch the trail markers and signs to make sure you avoid a potentially confusing intersection. You'll come to the trail register soon, where you can sign in.

From that point, the trail soon begins to ascend, rising approximately 740 feet in elevation gain over 1.2 miles. Depending on the time of year and how wet it's been, portions of the trail may be muddy, and you can spot waterfalls and streams along the trail in spots. Note that during the rainy summer of 2023, there were quite a few mosquitoes on the trail, so come prepared with bug spray particularly during a wet season.

After a final scramble to the top, you'll come to a rocky clearing, where an opening through the trails lets you look down toward Schroon Lake. This is the perfect spot for a picnic or snack before heading back down. Enjoy a side trek to the Schroon Lake town beach for additional views and (depending on the time of year) a dip in the water.

Severance Hill Photos

Trail Sign Wooded Trail Fog Over Schroon Lake Waterfall Severance Hill Trail

Severance Hill Trailhead Map

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