Shelving Rock Falls

Located amidst a massive network of trails in the Lake George Wild Forest, this brief hike leads to a beautiful waterfall nestled in the forest. To get to the Falls hike from Lake George, go east on Rte. 149 until reaching Buttermilk Falls Road. Turn left on that road and keep going; it will eventually merge into Sly Pond Road.

Note that the road becomes dirt and may have some rough patches the further you go; however, it's passable by any vehicle outside of the winter season. Sly Pond Road eventually turns into Shelving Rock Road. Almost 3 miles past that point, you'll see a couple of pulloff areas where you can park. There are several trails throughout the area, so finding the right entrance can be confusing; the coordinates for the hike starting point are 43°33'19.7"N 73°36'00.6"W.

Approximately a half-mile in, you'll reach the falls, where you can go both to the base of the falls or the top. You can also continue on the trail to reach the shoreline of Lake George, and connect with other trails such as the one to the top of Shelving Rock Mountain for a longer hike. We would recommend having a map handy, as the trail network can get confusing if you go too far.

In short, this hike is easy for people of all ages and can be a great introduction to the Adirondacks, or simply a fun opportunity to get out in the woods.

Photo of Shelving Rock Falls

Shelving Rock Falls

Shelving Rock Falls Map

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