Bozen Kill Preserve

This preserve in Altamont, maintained by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, contains trails following the Bozen Kill, with views of waterfalls along the way. The trail starts off Westfall Road, with a small parking area and additional room for street parking available. A kiosks marks the beginning of the trail, with a map and sign-in book.

You can follow the blue trail for a short loop that goes alongside the water, including a great waterfall view when enough water is running through the creek, or choose the white trail for a gradual climb along the top of a ravine. You'll start off walking through a field, but quickly find yourself going through the woods.

When leaves are off the trees, you'll be able to see down to the water quite a bit while walking along the tree. In addition, there are a few defined viewpoints where you can look down (watch your step, as it's a steep dropoff to the bottom in places!).

There's an older trail (marked as a logging road) on the map that branches off to go higher up the hill and connect to the main trail, but this appeared to be less maintained, with brush in places. In addition, note that you can expect trails to be muddy during wetter seasons, so wear a good pair of hiking boots! There are rocks placed throughout the muddier spots in places to aid in walking through.

After approximately half a mile of the white trail, you can branch off onto the red trail to continue further (0.64 miles according to the trail map). The trail ends with a final view over the stream, and you can turn around to head back.

Bozen Kill Preserve Photos

Entrance to Bozen Kill Preserve
Rock wall along trail
Looking through the trees to the water
Down the ravine

Trailhead Map

Find a detailed trail map on the official Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy page for this preserve.

Find a detailed trail map on the official Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy page for this preserve.

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