Swift Wetland Preserve

One of many "pocket preserves" maintained by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, the Swift Wetland Preserve offers a taste of nature in the midst of suburban Delmar. One entrance is located across from Bethlehem High School on Delaware Avenue, while a second entrance with a small parking area can be found at the end of Evelyn Drive.

The trails meander through a wooded, marshy area that can become quite muddy in wetter seasons. There are boardwalks in sections to allow you to walk on "solid ground" and avoid the mud.

Approximately one mile of trails cover the terrain, with the blue trail extending north from Delaware Avenue. Eventually this trail intersects with the orange trail, which goes west and meets the yellow trail to loop back to blue. At a small pond where the yellow/blue trails intersect, you can continue northeast on a red trail for a final loop.

In short, this trail provides a great route for a quick jaunt through the woods. For a longer walk, you can also combine a trip here with a venture to other nearby hiking spots such as Five Rivers.

Swift Wetland Preserve

Entrance Swift Preserve Sign Boardwalk Trail Marker Trail

Swift Wetland Preserve Trailhead Map

Find an official trail map on the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy official site.

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