Normanskill Preserves & Normanskill Farm

The Normanskill creek becomes particularly scenic as it flows through steep ravines just south of Albany. The Normanskill Preserve consists of two parcels on the southern bank of the river, maintained by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy. The City of Albany also maintains the Normanskill Farm Preserve on the north side of the river, where you can also find a historic trussle bridge.

Trails cover a mix of paved road and dirt on the north side depending on the portion you're walking in, while the preserves to the south meander through fields, woods, and along steep ravines with great views of the water. There are a few spots where you can go down next to the water as well.

You'll find incredible outdoor scenery not far from the city in this preserve. The terrain does have some mild inclines in spots, and you may want to keep an eye on children along the edge of some ravines, but overall this location offers great hiking for the whole family!

Normanskill Preserve & Farm Photos

Normanskill Farm sign
View of trussle bridge
Normanskill Farm bridge
Looking down ravine
Closeup of Normanskill

Trailhead Maps

Access a more detailed trail map courtesy of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy


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