Wolf Creek Falls Preserve

Located in the town of Knox, this preserve features multiple cascading waterfalls as you walk along Wolf Creek. Approximately 3 miles of trails wind through the woods, with minimal elevation change and easy walking for families. Be prepared for some mud in wetter seasons.

Trail parking can be found on Bozenkill Road around 3 miles up from the Rte. 146 intersection in Altamont. A small parking area is off to the left coming from Altamont.

Note that the trail system includes trails on both sides of the road. You'll want to make sure to access the trail map to keep track of the various intersections.

To get to the area with waterfalls, cross the road from the main parking area and turn right. Walk down the street a ways, and you'll find a red trail marker denoting the entrance to the trail just past a house and right before the start of a guardrail alongside the road. You can now follow the red trail in to get to the first waterfall, and branch off on the white trail for more views as you climb slightly higher alongside Wolf Creek. Pay attention to the map to create a smaller or larger loop for your journey, and branch back onto the trails across the road via the yellow trail for a slightly longer hike.

In all, this preserve offers a fun excursion in nature, with beautiful water views at the right time of year. We're grateful to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy for their hard work in keeping the trails maintained!

Wolf Creek Falls Photos

Wolf Creek Falls entrance sign
Trail marker
Red trail entrance
Wolf Creek
Cascading falls at Wolf Creek Falls
Water view
Ravine trail

Wolf Creek Falls Trailhead Map

Access a more detailed trail map courtesy of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy


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