Schiffendecker Farm Preserve

Located in Glenmont, just south of Albany, this preserve offers just over a mile of trails through a wooded ravine preserved from development, while surrounded by suburban shopping centers. You won't necessarily feel far from civilization, but you'll venture far enough into the woods to be able to enjoy the outdoors. A couple of beautifully built bridges and boardwalks add to the experience of this Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy trail.

The trailhead starts with a small parking area off Bender Lane between Rte. 32 and Rte. 9W. Note that you're blocked from accessing Bender Lane when attempting to travel west from 9W, so you'll need to come at the preserve going east from Rte. 32.

You immediately descend a wooden staircase to start heading into the woods on a yellow trail, which covers the bulk of your hike through the woods. A few short loops venture off the main trail, with a blue loop climbing up higher and a purple loop going down by a stream. At the end of the trail, a red loop cycles you back around to the yellow trail to come back the same way you arrived.

We're excited to see MHLC continue to help set aside land to stay wild as more and more buildup occurs in the area. If you're looking for a brief jaunt into nature close to Albany, or want to combine this with other nearby nature trails such as the Normanskill Preserves, add this to your list!

Schiffendecker Farm Preserve Photos

Schiffendecker Farm Preserve Entrance Stairs Bridge Stream Snow and Mud Cut down evergreens

Schiffendecker Farm Preserve Trailhead Map

Access a trail map courtesy of the Mohawk-Hudson Land Conservancy site

If you're using Google Maps, input 309 Bender Lane, Glenmont, NY to bring you as close as possible to the trailhead as opposed to selecting the Google Maps location for the preserve.

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