Skidmore North Woods

Skidmore College, in Saratoga Springs, generously allows the public to walk the trails of its North Woods area. The trail system here covers around 150 acres with approximately 3.5 miles of walking trails throughout. Trail surfaces vary from gravel to dirt, with some minor elevation change.

There are a few potential parking areas. In addition to the official parking area (Falstaff Lot on the Skidmore campus), a couple of good starting points are at the end of North Broadway in Saratoga Springs and the end of Brower Road off of Rte. 9.

During wetter seasons, come prepared for some muddy and marshy trail sections. There are boardwalks in some sections.

One interesting find is a very large old stone well (fenced off for safety) as you climb toward the top of the ridge around the Yellow/Blue trail intersections. You'll also see a water tower off the red trail as you hike close to the campus.

Skidmore North Woods Photos

View through Trees Trail entrance

Skidmore North Woods Trailhead Map

Access a complete map of the trail system (Skidmore official site).

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