Capital Region Sledding Hills

Capital Hills Golf Course

For kids of all ages, few activities are more fun after a fresh snowfall than jumping on a sled and riding down a hill at top speed. Thankfully, the Capital Region has no shortage of hills for those looking for some classic winter fun. In this article, we're listing a few of our favorites. Whether a regular plastic sled, a tube, or a toboggan is your vehicle of choice, you're sure to find a place you can enjoy. Feel free to reach out if there are any other spots you think should be included here!

Capital Hills Golf Course

This sprawling golf course, located in the southern portion of Albany, turns into a sledding, skiing, and dog walking paradise off season. A large parking lot offers plenty of room for cars even with as popular as this place gets. While a number of people often congregate around the big hill right near the parking area, there are plenty of hills of various sizes throughout the course with room to find a more private spot for sledding.

Tawasentha Park

Guilderland's flagship town park off Rte. 146 has a large hill that turns into a well-used sledding run when covered in snow. While the main entrance to the park closes off-season, you can park at the winter entrance (not far past the main entrance) to put yourself right near the hill.

Sand Creek Middle School

Right on Sand Creek Road, this school offers a wide, extended hill right near the parking lot, with plenty of room for several sledders to spread out. Kids often build "jumps" toward the bottom for extra fun. This hill would be more recommended for older children as it is fairly steep.

Frear Park

For those in the vicinity of Troy, Frear Park has a lengthy hill that allows sledders to coast for quite a distance. Smaller hills in the golf course area offer spots for younger kids to still enjoy sliding. For those looking for additional winter outdoor activities, strap on a pair of skates at the ice rink.

Saratoga Spa State Park

There are several spots throughout the park where you may find hidden sledding hills. However, the most obvious spot to sled is the golf course area, with hills that are big enough to get some speed up but not so big that smaller kids will be overwhelmed. The state park also creates an outdoor ice rink in the winter time.

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